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• 2/6/2016

Wonder when this wiki shuts down?

Secondarily, no player should feel responsible for this game closing. DeNA is a terrible gaming community member and them letting this game and others die on the vine then shuttering them is their M.O.
It's too bad - prior to the Aug 2015 update, this was a fun game. And it had potential after the update but they just basically stopped doing much of anything. Then didn't "fix" the gem bug. Likely because they knew the game's soon ending lifecycle.
Thank you to everyone who contributed to this board. I really appreciated the information.
Cross again, our paths will.
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• 2/4/2016

Well looks like we killed the game!

I'm going to take a wild guess and say this might've been a result of the gem exploit.
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• 1/11/2016

Help me better understand how exactly the "weekly 3-champion sale" works.

I came back to this game after about six months of being away from it, and a lot has changed. Something that has caught my attenion is the Light Side Nova Crystal Exchange for, what I understand, is getting badges for a set of champions. It has been three weeks since I came back to the game, and the "weekly" champions are still the same, said champions being Padme, Slave Leia, and Ahsoka. Is this how it is supposed to be, or am I having a unique issue?
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• 1/9/2016

Kashyyyk critical location level 5

How do you beat this level its mental with the two status towers at end as starting towers.
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• 1/5/2016

New Player

Looking for Facebook SWGD friends to share energy. Friend me if interested.    Facebook page
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• 12/23/2015

How to receive Assault Tickets ??

I really dont know how to get Assault Tickets on the game. Please someone can explain this to me?
Thanks :)
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• 12/18/2015

When will things change?

Any idea when we will get events back?  A new planet?  or even jsut the weekly champions swapped out (it's been the same six ladies fora whiel now...)?
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• 11/23/2015

Combat simulation training.

Hi what map do you use for getting combat simiulatin training?   i use Kashyyk 3 booth sides on novice or easy.
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• 11/18/2015

Gems Grinding

Hey Guys, there's an exploit you can use to get basically unlimited gems. When you do an assault mission you have a chance at receiving gems as a reward. You can buy assaults now in bulk under items in the store (60 for 500 gems). Buy a few of these, and head to a mission where you've unlocked extreme. Any map it doesn't matter. You can assault 5x per click, which uses 10 energy. I find 1 in every 4 hits you get a reward for 500 gems (costs about 20 assault and 40 energy). It's profitable enough to do this while buying energy, assaults, and refreshing the assaults (costs 50 gems every 20 assaults/4 clicks to refresh on any mission). It took me about 2 hours of grinding to get 100,000 gems, plus all the items and credits that come with it
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• 11/5/2015

New Special Ops Update!?

Has anyone else been trying this new special ops update?  It seems interesting as it makes you use other champions and kind of creates a desire to use badges in another way by increasing a new "luck" statistic.  It is a passive way to do missions and any champ you use is then unavailable for the active missions.  I've been doing the "missions" and gettig some good rewards but not all of them as the luck factor isn't giving me all the rewards possible for some missions.  I should be using the badges to upgrade the luck for some champions.
Also anyone else notice there is no new champions this week?
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• 11/3/2015

How to grind weekly champs

What's the best method to grind for the weekly champs? I currently have the app on in the background with the 1st Tatooine mission on repeat & extreme until my energy depletes.
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• 10/21/2015

This Week's Champs are:

LS:  Embo, Ki-Adi-Mundi, and Admiral Ackbar.
DS: General Kalani, Wat Tambor, and IG-88
Embo (Summons 1 minion)
Ki-Adi-Mundi (Area Damage)
Ackbar (Area Damage)
Kalani (Summons 6 minions)
Wat (Area Damage and Slow)
IG-88 (Area Damage and Slow)
I'm not sure who to get, Ackbar is one of my favorite characters but Wat has that area damage and slow that would help Piett land his ability more consistently. Does anyone here own Kalani? If so is he worth the 60 badge grind?
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• 10/19/2015

Facebook Reset?

When I connected to Facebook for the first time, I did not allow access to my friends list. Is there a way to change that preference so I can send energy? Is it possible to send items, other than energy? Thanks for any responses. First post here.
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• 10/17/2015

How to upgrade towers?

I'm level 17 user and have maxed out all of my champions at 40-50. Yet I've still not received a tower relic and am having trouble with a few missions.
In browsing the items, there are some with the description of "use to upgrade tower". Yet there is not a use button. What am I missing? Do I just sell these?
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• 10/15/2015

New weekly Champions

Champs for the week - LS MonMothma, Wicket and Qui Gonn Jin
DS - Darth Maul, Poggle and Anakin.
Rather meh champions.  I'll do it but probably not level them very much.
Raicallum, I have no issues with the store...sorry for your issues.
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• 10/8/2015

Countering Speeder Bikes

What's the best strategy to counter speeder bikes. The missions with them are the ones I'm having the hardest time clearing as they speed past most tower defenses and even my heroes don't react to them quickly.
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• 10/8/2015

New app update

A new energy system where your player rank is your energy cap.  So mine is now 30, soon 31...
 nova crystals come in the legendary pod (meh)
you can use "assault tickets" to get rewards for a mission without playing the mission. It looks like assault tickets are only available in the legendary pod?
Suggest updating so that your energy cap increases!
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• 10/8/2015

No relics

I've been playing for a short while, gone through whole Tatooine with both factions, all-stared them all and so far I haven't got a single relic. Any suggestions?
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• 10/3/2015

energy facebook friends

Hi, I am looking for some energy facebook friends you can add me
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• 10/2/2015

buy champions for nova crystals

something new in the store.  But what exactly are nova crystals?
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