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• 4/29/2015

Numbers playing the game, a thought experiment

So in my geekiness I was thinking about the over all environment of the game and how many people or starwars fans are playing the game. Bear with me if my math is incorrect.

This assumes for each tier there is 50 players playing against each other.

50 people are in the diamond tier.

Top 10 players get promoted from the Platinum tier means 5 tiers contribute to one Diamond tier.  That is 250 players in Platinum tiers

Top 8 from the Gold tier get promoted means 31.25 teirs contribute to the Platinum tier (not sure about the .25 tiers?!).  That is 1,562 players in Gold tiers

Top 8 from the Silver tier get promoted means 195.25 tiers contrbute to the Gold tier.  That means 9,762 players in the Silver tiers

Top 6 from Bronze tier gets promoted means 1,627.16 tiers contribute to the Silver tier.  In total 81,358 players in the Bronze tier

This shows that 81,358 palyers boil down to 1 Diamond tier of 50 people.  I wonder how many Diamond tiers there are? blows the mind a little bit to think of the math involved. 

I am I the only one who has thougth about this?  I must be a total nerd (my wife thinks so).

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• 4/29/2015

Nope.  I thought it through too. I have to imagine the bronze tier has a lot of inactive accounts.

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