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• 5/1/2015

Planet Synergies

Hey there,

does anyone know how much more damage/armor/attack speed/dodge/crit chance a character gets with the planet synergies?

If there is a boost of like 10% it would really matter.


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• 5/9/2015

Did you mean champion synergy? Because currently all champions' planet synergy gives movement speed.

As for the amount provided for synergy, we currently don't know the amount unless we look into the data of the game or if a Dena developer gives an answer. (I would assume something minor like 3-5% boost in the stat)

I believe a 10% boost could be possible (or close to it depending on actual boost) if it is possible to stack synergy bonus to a champ. (Example: Vader/Veers/Piett they all have synergy bonus with each other, therefore Vader could be receiving boosts from Veers and Piett)

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