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• 5/21/2015

Questions for Attroc, Balmic26, and Indigo76

Is it possibly to sticky a thread I post or can only admins do that or is it not even possible? I was thinking about making a thread with images of my champion spreadsheet stats you may have seen in some other posts by me so that everyone can see color coded how each champion stands up against the other options for events and then I would just update the image file every time I added complete stats for new champions that get released but I dont see a button or anything to "sticky" a thread.

Also, second question is possible for non-admins to overwrite/update image files under the "photo" section. It seems as if it is possible, however, when I tried it oddly only update the thumbnail image in that section but it failed to actually update the image itself in a thread. Any ideas?

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• 5/25/2015

Hey Dominato, the best I can do for you is the ability to highlight the thread so it should notify every users that are logged in of the changes and additions you make to your thread. The hightlight will expire every 7 days so I'll try to re highlight it when it expires. (I believe the wikia doesn't have an option to sticky a thread) 

In regards to replacing image in the "photo" section, currently only admin/moderators can replace photos. (I think) If you have any requests to change certain photos I can do that for you.

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