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• 5/31/2015

Sigh... The crash monster returns.

Bold Ned Keboni here... I uninstalled, deleted folders and saw some better stability. It looked like smooth sailing. Unfortunately, the crashes have now returned at 50% rate on my Note 4. Anyone here using an ipad 2? Did they finally fix the stability on that device or should I not even bother?

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• 6/1/2015

Im having crashes issues too on the Note 3.  Try a separate unistaller, that may help.  It was bad for me at the beginning of this one but the end wasnt the worst.  Believe me I was ready to be pissed off if it started crashing on diamond day when I was chasing an easy group.  Started crashing on me again at the end of the event tho.  Try unsyncing your accounts if you havent tried that either.  Doubt they fix it anytime soon so hopefully you find something.  Another trick I do after a crash is play the regular levels until it works then Ill go into the event.  Sometimes on the 1st try of regular level I get the boot with out of sync message, so I log back in and it will work for a while again.

• 6/2/2015

Thanks Cwoodz. I've found that I just have to deal with crashes. I've employed a strategy of changing maps when crashes occur. After I cycle the 3 easy, normal, hard maps I won't get another crash map for about 5-8 games. It sucks but at least I could participate in this event. I had Troutfett in my group and didn't want to challenge him/her by burning a bunch of tickets trying to find a bunch of maps that actually work. I'm settling for 35-40 level hero's until the next update.

Bold Ned Keboni

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