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• 6/23/2015

DeNA changed support cards

I was buying some support cards just now and noticed DeNA changed the totals.  it is now 16 orbital bombardment for 8,000, not 24 for 10,000 and 16 skill refresh for 2,400 not 26 for 2,600

That increases the cost of the orbital bombardment from 384 credits a card to 500 and the skill refresh from 100 credits a card to 150.

I checked and they have done the same for the other active cards.  I just noticed it on these as I use them regularly.

I guess we now know what DeNA wants you to do with all those credits that are useless for the players who have maxed out their champions!

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• 6/23/2015

I noticed the same thing... I think they did this prior to this last event... I clicked on the expensive option and confirmed before I realized... 

On a side note... as it stands now, with no sale for the support cards, it is actually better to buy them 1x.

Explanation... if you buy in bulk, there is no discount, and you have a refresh timer until you can use that card again... BUT... if you buy 1x, it does not cost any more than the other options, AND you can use the support card, then buy another and use it again, instantly... no waiting to refresh... 

• 6/23/2015

i knew something is different!!! maybe itll start making a dent in my 1.8 million credits

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