A Corusca Gem.

Corusca Gems are an in-game currency used to buy several items in game. The can be acquired throughout the game or by purchasing them.

Ways of obtaining gems.

Purchasing bundles of 20; 55; 115; 250; 350; and 750 with money via credit card transactions.

Completing achievements such as any map on extreme difficulty. (1 each)

Random chance after any mission. (1-5 each)

Possibly completing events (not current event as of A Rebellion is Born)

Ways of spending gems.

Purchasing Durasteel Pods.

Galactic Defense Corusca Gem

Fast Level Up - The ability to spend a scaling amount of gems to automatically level up a champion.

Buying Event Tickets - Can be purchased for: 3 for 3 gems, 12 for 10 gems, 26 for 20 gems, 56 for 40 gems, or 120 for 80 gems.

Buying Credits - Can be purchased for: 5000 for 10 gems, 13,750 for 25 gems, 36,000 for 60 gems, 65,000 for 100 gems, and 140,000 for 200 gems.

Advised uses of gems.

These are suggestions for optimal uses of gems, These are the opinions of one user and are by no means faq.

Since in the beginning the Durasteel pod seems very temping you will likely want to spend 60 gems to get a hero, while they can be stronger, youwill get many, many more Carbonite heroes early on. You will also see events come and go, and since you can easily dump gems for tickets, winning an event easily will likely cost between 0 and 12 gems. This is a huge savings since events both offer tokens for Caronite and Durasteel pod, and also the ability to get a hero for free, just by competing.

It can also be subpar to buy credits for gems as you get many credits the more you play, you will find yourself running out of heroes to acquire after a few weeks, then suddenly having a massive surplus of credits.