Dangerous Territory is the 7th mission on Tatooine for the Light side campaign. It is the first time that players battle Dewback Riders and enemy Champion Dengar

In-Game Description Edit

"The battle has moved to the Jundland Wastes, home of the Sand People. Defend against Imperial troops, and keep on the lookout for the bounty hunter Dengar."

Rewards Edit

  • Novice (x1): 190 credits
  • Easy (x2.2): 205 credits
  • Normal (x3.6): 220 credits
  • Hard (x5.2): 240 credits
  • Extreme (x7): 260 credits

Enemy Troops Edit

  1. Stormtroopers x6, Scout Troopers x4, Imperial Riot Troopers x3
  2. Stormtrooper x6, Dewback Riders x2 (NEW), Scout Troopers x4
  3. Stormtroopers x10, Scout Troopers x6, Dewback Rider x1
  4. Imperial Riot Troopers x5
  5. Scout Troopers x10, 74-Z Speeder Bikes x2
  6. Imperial Riot Troopers x2, Scout Troopers x3, Stormtroopers x8, 74-Z Speeder Bikes x1
  7. Stormtroopers x20
  8. Scout Troopers x3, 74-Z Speeder Bikes x4, Stormtroopers x6
  9. Dengar x1 (NEW), Scout Troopers x9, Dewback Riders x2, Stormtroopers x6