A forest moon in the Outer Rim, Endor was home to the Ewoks and was used to house a shield generator to protect the Second Death Star. The Battle of Endor was fought on the moon and the Death Star which led to the death of Darth Sidious.

In-Game Description Edit

The Empire has set up a massive shield generator on this small forest moon near the Outer Rim, but the Rebel Alliance has sent a covert strike team to attack and destroy the Imperial outpost.

Missions Edit

Light Side Edit

  1. Renegade Squadron Deployed
  2. Unlikely Allies
  3. Setting a Trap
  4. Incoming Fire
  5. Diversionary Tactics
  6. To Hunt the Hunters
  7. Imperial Strike
  8. Forest Cover
  9. Final Push
  10. Wrath of the Emperor (Darth Sidious)

Dark Side Edit

  1. Redwood Glade
  2. Rebel Ambush
  3. Ewok Attack!
  4. Forest Rangers
  5. Cover All Sectors
  6. Forest Trap
  7. Rebels Routed
  8. Destroy the Rebels!
  9. Long Live the Empire
  10. Jedi Leader (Luke Skywalker)