A largely unsettled terrestrial jungle planet in the Felucia system of the Thanium Worlds in the Outer Rim Territories.

In Game Description Edit

The dense and humid jungle Outer Rim planet becomes a battleground for control of the galaxy's trade routes as Republic and Separatist forces fight to secure the advantage in a never-ending battle.

Missions Edit

Light Side Edit

  1. Lightning Strike!
  2. Target Acquired
  3. Familiar Terrain
  4. Forward March!
  5. Into The Jungle
  6. Hidden Advantage
  7. Trouble
  8. Unknown Dangers
  9. Victory In Sight!
  10. Endgame!

Dark Side Edit

  1. Tactical Positions
  2. Activate All Defenses
  3. Tactical Superiority
  4. Jungle Cover
  5. Stand Your Ground
  6. Remain Alert
  7. Eliminate The Jedi
  8. Show No Mercy
  9. A Last Strike
  10. Protect The Outpost