Geonosis was a desert world that was used as the base for Count Dooku's Droid Foundries. His army was used to fight the Republic's forces of Jedi and Clone Troopers.

In-Game Description Edit

When it is discovered that massive droid foundries are creating the Separatist droid army led by Count Dooku, the Republic dispatches the Jedi to the arid desert world to destroy the operation altogether.

Missions Edit

Light Side Edit

  1. Dark Revelations
  2. Entering the Foundries
  3. Defensive Perimeter
  4. Staging Area
  5. Struggle in the Badlands
  6. Prime Clone (Jango Fett)
  7. Engines of War
  8. Turning the Tide
  9. Separatist Pursuit
  10. Face of the Enemy

Dark Side Edit

  1. Republic Infiltrators
  2. Spy Hunt
  3. Initiate Defense Protocol
  4. We Stand Alone
  5. Jedi Invasion
  6. War Begins
  7. Evactuate
  8. The Clones Attack
  9. We Shall Prevail
  10. Jedi Threat (Yoda)