Star Wars Greedo
Galactic Defense Greedo
Biographical Information
Homeworld Rodia
Birth 44 BBY
Death 0 BBY
Physical Description
Species Rodian
Gender Male
Height 1.73 meters
Weight 74 kilograms
Hair Colour None
Eye Colour Black
Skin Colour Green
Cybernetics None
Chronological Information
Eras Empire Era
Affiliation Hutt Cartel

Original Trilogy, Durasteel, Dark Side, Ranged Champion, Hutt Cartel.

In-Game Description Edit

"Tricky and dangerous, Greedo is a known bounty hunter."

Max Lv.60 (10 Durasteel Pods)

Champion Skill Edit

(Tier 4) Jabba's Bounty (Scrap Boost) - Greedo uses his contacts to get more scrap from enemies killed for 16 seconds and also deals some damage.

Champion Synergy Edit

(Attack Speed) Boba Fett / Bossk / Dengar / IG-88 / Jango Fett

Planet Synergy Edit

(Movement Speed) N/A

Champion Stats Edit

Lv.15 Lv.20 Lv.25 Lv.30 Lv.35 Lv.40 Lv.45 Lv.50 Lv60
Atk 40 56
Hp 1131 1618

Base Stats

Armor: 13%

Dodge: 13%

Attack Speed: 1.3

Critical Chance: 13%

Movement Speed: 110

Shield: 0

Critical Hit Multiplier: 1

Hp Regeneration Rate: 2%

Skill Regeneration Rate: 100%