Hoth was a desolate ice planet that became the location of the Rebel Alliance's Secret Base (Echo Base). The first Star Wars Galactic Defense event was based on the Hoth planet and allowed players to get Echo Base Han Solo and General Veers.

In Game Description Edit

The Rebel Alliance has established a secret base on this desolate world covered in ice and snow, but the Empire has discovered its location and has prepared a large-scale ground assault to destroy it.

Missions Edit

Light Side Edit

  1. Missing in Action
  2. Blind Hunt
  3. Defend Station 3-T-8
  4. AT-ATs on the Move
  5. Battle on the Frozen Plains
  6. Imperial Reinforcements
  7. Ion Cannon in Danger
  8. Stand your Ground
  9. Shield Generator Attack
  10. Enter Darth Vader (Darth Vader)

Dark Side Edit

  1. Operation Moorsh Moraine
  2. Assault on the Rebel Base
  3. Eastern Defense Platform
  4. Rebel Counterattack
  5. Prevent the Evacuation
  6. Maintain Forward Momentum
  7. Target V-150
  8. Shield Generator Targeted
  9. Destroy the Shield Generator
  10. Storm the Base (Princess Leia)