MLC-3 Tank
Appearance Tatooine, Hoth, and Endor
Durability High
Defense Point Loss 3
Affiliation Light Side
Game Description Even though this is a relatively low-tech vehicle, its twin blasters and thick armor do present a challenge.
Game Tip Isolate vehicles from other enemies to focus your firepower on them.

A relatively tough enemy that is designed to clear Melee Towers with efficiency.

Characteristics Edit

  • High durability
  • High damage
  • Area of Effect on attacks
  • Long range
  • Slow rate of fire

Tactics Edit

  • Despite what the game tip says, it's very difficult to isolate the vehicles from the other enemies since they will be very close to support the other enemies and help shred your melee units.
  • If you are using Melee Towers pull the units out of their range and them swarm the tank with them, however this will remove some of your barricades for your choke point.
  • Lvl 2 Status Towers + Heavy Ranged Towers can be an alternative but it's very expensive and might be difficult to build on low initial scrap maps in events; this will leave you vulnerable to waves that have hordes of enemies.
  • Depending on the map you can have two spread out Melee Towers to keep the tank in place while the other enemies head towards your defenses, however having a build up of multiple tanks can be dangerous.
  • If a wave contains multiple tanks, it might be better to use your Orbital Bombardment card on them especially if they come in earlier waves.