Rebel Marksman
Appearance Tatooine, Hoth, and Endor
Durability Medium
Defense Point Loss 1
Affiliation Light Side
Game Description Equipped with E-17D sniper rifles, these guys are deadly from afar.
Game Tip Don't waste your Melee units, get rid of them with ranged towers.

A long range units that rarely appears, they can be a huge threat in large numbers.

Characteristics Edit

  • Medium durability
  • High damage
  • Long range

Tactics Edit

  • Having a Ranged or Artillery Tower ahead of your chokepoint will take care of these guys easily.
  • They will outrange all your units so be sure to pull them back into the range of your towers.
  • Attacked units don't head towards the attacker, so be sure to manage them if they come under fire.