Rebel Special Forces
Appearance Tatooine, Hoth, and Endor
Durability Medium
Defense Point Loss 1
Affiliation Light Side
Game Description Members of the special forces are specifically selected for high skill, morale, bravery and dedication to the Rebel cause.
Game Tip Combine Melee and Artillery towers to get rid of infantry.

A stronger version of the Rebel Trooper, while they come in lesser numbers they can prove to be trouble on maps where inital scraps are low.

Characteristics Edit

  • Medium durability
  • Medium damage
  • Can spawn at where the Speeder Bike was destroyed.

Tactics Edit

  • Like the game tip says pinning them down with a melee and artillery tower works well.
  • In extreme difficulty and events, it's best to build a level 3 artillery when possible because level 2 will barley dent them.
  • In event maps where scrap is low starting off with a level 2 melee tower can hold them in place for your champions to nuke them with his/her abilities. However this leaves you vulnerable to Speeder Bikes and mass amounts of troops, so carry Orbital Bombardments if they overwhelm you.