Rebel Speeder Bike
Appearance Tatooine, Hoth, and Endor
Durability Low
Defense Point Loss 2
Affiliation Light Side
Game Description On board a 74-Z Speeder Bike, these troopers are difficult to catch!
Game Tip Beware, destroying their speeder bike doesn't quite do the trick.

A fast moving enemy, on some maps they spawn in great numbers which can cause a defeat should they reach the gate.

Characteristics Edit

  • Low durability
  • Low damage
  • Fast movement speed and unit accelerates when damaged
  • Spawns a Rebel Special Forces unit when destroyed.
  • Cannot be blocked by units

Tactics Edit

  • Level 3 Range, Artillery, and Melee(Warrior) Towers can take them out quick, however they might slip through your line of defense if there are other units shielding them.
  • Depending on the map and difficulty, creating a level 1 or 2 Ranged Tower can help to clean up those that slip past your defenses.
  • In extreme difficulty and events Heavy Ranged Towers, Proton/Scorched Artillery, and Warrior Towers still take them out in one or two shots. Creating two level 2 Ranged Towers can be a slighlty cheaper alternative to taking them down.
  • On some low scrap maps, they will slip past your defenses easily, so carrying supports cards will help greatly, having champions with an Area of Effect slow+damage ability also work well.