Slave Leia
Slave Leia
Galactic Defense Slave Leia
Biographical Information
Homeworld Alderaan
Birth 19 BBY
Death Unknown
Physical Description
Species Human
Gender Female
Height 1.5 meters
Weight 49 kilograms
Hair Colour Dark brown; graying slightly
Eye Colour Brown
Skin Colour Caucasian
Cybernetics None
Chronological Information
Eras Original
Affiliation Alliance to restore the Republic

In-game Description Edit

"Even during captivity, the spirit of the Rebellion burns in Leia's heart."

Champion Skill Edit

(Tier 4) Chain Strike - Leia spins her chain damaging all enemies around her. Has a small area of effect but short cooldown time.

Champion Synergy Edit


Planet Synergy Edit

(Movement Speed)

Base Stats Edit

Armor: 11%

Dodge: 15%

Attack Speed: 1

Critical Chance: 11%

Movement Speed: 105

Shield: 0

Critical Hit Multiplier: 1

Hp Regeneration Rate: 2%

Skill Regeneration Rate: 200%