An arid desert planet in the outer rim, Tatooine is the first planet in the Tatoo System. This world was the home planet of both Anakin Skywalker and Luke Skywalker. Most of the inhabitants of Tatooine are moisture farmers and are very poor.

In-game description Edit

When Rebel Spies obtain key information that could lead to the destruction of the Empire's new secret weapon, the two forces engage in battle on the surface of this arid and hot desert world.

Missions Edit

Light Side Edit

  1. Operation Intel
  2. Desert Sands
  3. Speed Chase
  4. Open War
  5. Dune Sea Strife
  6. Beware the 501st
  7. Dangerous Territory
  8. Outwit the Enemy
  9. Stay Alert
  10. Imperials Advance
  11. The Empire's Might
  12. Battle for Mos Eisley

Dark Side Edit

  1. Find Them (Luke Skywalker)
  2. Comb the Desert
  3. Desert Skirmish
  4. Unwelcome Uprising
  5. Rebel Attack
  6. Guerilla Warfare
  7. Quick Disposal
  8. Jundland Ambush
  9. Smuggler Trouble
  10. Target the Rebels
  11. Hangar Assault
  12. Blockade Mos Eisley