Towers are used alongside Champions and Support Cards to help defeat enemy troops.

Although being a total of 4 different factions rebels, republic, empire and separatist: tower types, tower effects and tower stats (varying on level) are shared, the only difference in variation is design.

Types Edit

There are 4 types of towers in Star Wars: Galactic Defense:tttt

  • Ranged
  • Artillery
  • Melee
  • Status

Ranged Tower Edit

Ranged Towers are mounted guns that shoot at certain rates depending on what level they are. Ranged towers are good for use in combination with other towers but can hold their own.

Rebel Ranged tower teir 1

Ranged Tower Tier 1 Long-ranged tower adept at picking off weaker units.

Tower Ranged Tower Tier 2

Ranged Tower Tier 2 Improves ranged tower's range attack damage and attack speed.

Tower Assault Ranged

Assault Ranged Tower A rapid fire tower with increase attack damage, attack speed and range.

Tower Heavy Ranged

Heavy Ranged Tower Slower Rate of fire but adds a powerful concentrated blast.

Artillery Tower Edit

Artillery Towers although slow, are capable of firing explosive shells dealing damage to multiple enemies at once, optimizing maximum damage against clustered groups.

Tower Artiller Tier 1

Artillery Tower Tier 1 Artillery shells deal explosive damage to multiple enemies at once.

Tower Artiller Tier 2

Artillery Tower Tier 2 Increases the strength and range of attacks.

Tower Artiller Scorched Ground Tech

Scorched Ground Tech Scorch the ground dealing additional damage to passing units.

Rebel Artillery Tower Proton Rocket Battery

Proton Rocket Battery Shoots several shells with splash damage; very effective against scattered groups of units.

Melee Tower Edit

Melee Tower come in groups of 3, they are called into intercept most enemy units and unlike summon guards they are permanently on the map until their tower is sold and briefly re-spawn after being defeated, they regenerate any taken damage, each unit contains their own Armor and Hp and can be built offensive or defensive accordingly.

Tower melee Tier 1

Melee Tower Tier 1 Call in melee troops to intercept the enemy.

Tower melee Tier 2

Melee Tower Tier 2 Upgrades your melee troops with more health damage and armor.

Rebel Melee Tower Defender Training

Defender Training Call in Melee troops specialized in Defense.

Tower melee Warrior Training

Warrior Training Call in Melee troops specialized in Attack.

Status Tower Edit

Status Towers damage enemy units over time and amplify any incoming damage while under status effect.

Tower Status Tower Tier 1

Status Tower Tier 1 Damage enemy units over time, amplifying all damage on them.

Rebel Status Tower Tier 2

Status Tower Tier 2 Increases both the damage and duration of attack.

Tower Status Plasma Disruptor

Plasma Disruptor Tech Doubles the tower damage on affected units.

Tower Status Explosive overload tech

Explosive Overload Tech Enemies trigger an explosive if killed while affected.