War on Geonosis

Official banner of event.

War on Geonosis Edit

War on Geonosis is an event that started on April 9th 2015, where players choose 4 champions to battle endless waves of enemies in an arena for event points. The prize for this event is Poogle the Lesser for the Dark Side and Commander Cody can be purchased from the Durasteel Pod for the Light Side.

Overview Edit


View of the Arena

Players have two minutes to kill as much enemies as possible, the timer can be extended by picking up the timer power ups. Scraps can be used to activate the towers for a duration, scraps can also be used to give your champions a defensive shield. Support Cards are available can also be used to aid your champions the following are: Porton Torpedos which damages enemies in a selected area, Ion Cannon slows down enemies, Reinforcements summons two level two melee units, and Refresh refills your champion's ability bar. Champions can also gain exp in this event compared to the previous ones.

Certain champions during the event are given Elite status which grants them X5 the amount of HP and Damage. The following are:

Light Side: Commander Cody

Dark Side: Count Dooku

Power Ups Edit

During the course of the battle, power ups will spawn and picking them up grants certain properties:

  • Red: Attack damage boost
  • Blue: Defense boost
  • Yellow: Time extension (about 20 seconds more)
  • Green: Recover HP

Frenzy Edit

As you kill enemies the bar gradually fills up, when the bar is full you can activate it for a damage boost and extra event points. Enemies with a timer underneath grants extra frenzy meter along with extra event points.

Hazards Edit

While fighting in the Arena certain hazards will appear, the following are:

  • Marked for Death: A champion will have a red circle on their icons, when the timer runs out the champion will be incapacitated instantly, you can remove this by picking up a power up. If a marked champion is near his/her allies the allies will take continous damage until the marked champion is out of range.
  • Artillery Attack: A red circle will appear undeath a randomly selected champion, after a certain amount of time area of effect damage is dealt.

Enemies Edit

Each wave contains a certain amount of enemies, the following are:

Light Side Edit

Dark Side Edit

  • Clone Trooper
  • Clone Heavy Weapons Trooper
  • Clone Commando
  • Clone Grenade Launcher Commando
  • Clone Sniper
  • AT-RT
  • AT-TE
  • Jedi Padawan
  • Jedi Knight
  • Jedi Master
  • Warrior Towers
  • Senate Guards

Tactics Edit

  • Spread out your champions to ensure the max amount of event points, the early waves (1-20) are rather easy for adequately leveld up champions.
  • Use Frenzy on waves that will prove difficult or has a large amount of enemy spawn.
  • Activate towers to cover a flank or aid your champions whenever possible, the Heavy Ranged Towers are cheap at only 100 scrap. Shields are also a good purchase for only 100 scrap.