Wedge Antilles
Star Wars Wedge
Galactic Defense Wedge Antilles
Biographical Information
Homeworld Corellia
Birth 21 BBY
Death Unknown
Physical Description
Species Human
Gender Male
Height 1.7 meters
Weight 77 kilograms
Hair Colour Dark Brown
Eye Colour Hazel
Skin Colour Caucasian
Cybernetics None
Chronological Information
Eras Empire Era
Affiliation Rebel Alliance, Rouge Squadron

A skilled pilot of bravery and loyalty, preferred choice of vehicle the X-Wing, Wedge Antilles was a famed Corellian pilot also known as "The hero of the Rebel Alliance". He joined the Rebel Alliance at a young age forming the "Rogue Squadron" with fellow pilot Luke Skywalker. After the Battle of Hoth, Antilles took command and flew as Red Leader in the Battle of Endor, striking the blow that destroyed the second Death Star alongside Lando Calrissian and becoming the only pilot to survive both Death Star runs.

Chance to unlock Champion via Carbonite pod (10000 Credits)

In-Game Description

"Loyal and trustworthy, Wedge Antilles is always ready to serve the Rebel Alliance."

Max Lv.40 (6 Carbonite Pods)

Champion Skill

(3 Tiers) X-Wing Strafing Run (Air Strike) - Wedge Antilles calls in an X-Wing starfighter to rain damage over all enemies around him.

Champion Synergy

(Attack Speed) Luke Skywalker / Princess Leia

Planet Synergy 

(Movement Speed) Tatooine

Champion Stats

Lv.15 Lv.20 Lv.25 Lv.30 Lv.35 Lv.40
Atk 30 43 59 77 99 123
Hp 898 1284 1757 2314 2957 3686

Base Stats

Armor: 12%

Dodge: 15%

Attack Speed: 1.1

Critical Chance: 14%

Movement Speed: 95

Shield: 0

Critical Hit Multiplier: 1

Hp Regeneration Rate: 2%

Skill Regeneration Rate: 100%


-Has the highest Critical % of any Light Side Carbonite Champion.